Vibrant Wellness Vibrant C
Vibrant Wellness Vibrant C

Vibrant Wellness Vibrant C

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Boost your immune system with Vibrant Vitamin C!

Together with Rosehip and Camu camu, Vibrant Vitamin C aims to help keep you and your family in great health .Health Benefits of Vibrant Vitamin C:

  •  VITAMIN C (Sodium Ascorbate) - Provides protection against immune system deficiencies - Powerful anti-oxidant - Helps prevent and treat common colds - Prevents cardiovascular diseases - Improves iron absorption - Essential for the body to make collagen - Helps maintain healthy skin and prevents wrinkling - Important for eye health
  •  ROSEHIP - Reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases - Boosts immune system - Keeps skin healthy and hydrated - Fights acne and signs of aging - Helps treat sun-damaged and pigmented skin - Aids in managing diabetes - Reduces risk of osteoporosis - Improves blood circulation
  • CAMU CAMU - Protects against viral and bacterial infections - Boosts immune system, digestive system, and cognitive ability - Reduces risk of cancer and diabetes - Rich in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties - Helps to balance mood swings and soothe mental anxiety

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