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The Botanist Dry Gin 700ml

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The Botanist Gin is a versatile mixing gin in the sense that it works well and delivers a classic gin flavor to most any cocktail. The Botanist is an artisanal Islay gin made by Bruichladdich Distillery. It is one of two gins made on Islay, and is distinctive for its 22 hand-foraged Islay botanicals that are added to nine core gin aromatics. This gin has a lot to offer as it serves as an exploration of Hebridean flora. Enjoy this London dry style with an herbal twist.

alc./vol: 46%

Proof: 92°

Tasting Notes

  • NOSE

Pungent, resiny piney juniper and eucalyptus with subtle parma violet, heather, candied ginger and sage.


Dry juniper with sappy pine dominating but with an integrated herbal complexity and faint liquorice sweetness.


Junipery pine dominance continues in the clean finish with faint lingering parma violet, liquorice and black pepper.

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