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Stolichnaya 750ml

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Famously known as 'Stoli', Stolichnaya's name comes from the Russian word 'Stolitsa', meaning 'capital city', and its label depicts Moscow's famous Moscova Hotel. One of the worlds true Vodka icons as its pure spirit distilled from selected grain is filtered through birch charcoal and quartz sands and blended with pure water. The formula for Stolichnaya is said to have been first documented in 1938 but the brand was not launched until the 1950s. Dive into Russia’s pride and splash around with Stolichnaya.

alc./vol: 40%

Proof: 80°

  • NOSE

Flinty, mineral, charcoal and cracked black pepper.


Cracked black pepper with slight sweetness, creamy mouth feel and hints of aniseed, liquorice and sweet citrus.


Slightly sweet with cracked black pepper. Hints of grainy aniseed, liquorice and charcoal.


Try this out! 

2 parts Stoli Vodka, 1 Part Coffee liqueur

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