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Martini Rosso 1L

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Martini Rosso is the authentic vermouth: natural, elegant and refreshing.

Characterised by subtle notes of orange and caramel, Martini Rosso has got a unique perfume, rich herbal notes and unmistakable dark colour.

ABV: 15%


Created in the 1970s to modernise Luigi Rossi’s original recipe into a refreshing long drink. Aromatic herbs spring to life with the addition of sparkling tonic water, while an orange wheel enlivens its fruited notes of lemon and raspberry.

Try this recipe out! 

STEP 1. Pack a balloon glass with ice.

STEP 2. Add one part (60ml) MARTINI® Rosso and one part tonic water.

STEP 3. Stir gently – we don’t want to lose those bubbles.

STEP 4. Squeeze a wheel of orange to release the juice then drop into the glass.


The aromatic and herbal notes of MARTINI® Rosso & Tonic are best balanced with rich and salted nibbles like mortadella and pecorino cheese.

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