Gilbey's London Dry Gin 1L

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Gin: Gilbey's London Dry 

Made in the US from 100% grain neutral spirits.

Size: 750mL

Proof: 80 (40% ABV)

Origin: United States

Distillery: Jim Beam

Detailed Description

The Gilbey's Gin blend of natural ingredients achieves the ideal mix of complexity and balance to deliver a smoother, refreshingly dry gin that's the perfect choice anywhere, anytime.

Gilbey's London Dry Plastic Gin Tasting Notes

Nose: Spices, minerals, and dried herbs on nose.

Palate: Medium light body with a delicate, creamy texture.

Finish: Finishes citrusy, with a touch of fire.

Distillery Information

Jim Beam is the world's best-selling bourbon, crafted by seven generations of family distillers since 1795. Elegant. Smooth. Refined. That's what years of aging in new charred oak barrels does to our Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Fred Noe, Jim Beam's 7th Generation Master Distiller, has stayed true to the family recipe that's been passed down through generations. The Jim Beam portfolio of products includes Jim Beam Bourbon, Jim Beam Black, Jim Beam Double Oak, Jim Beam Devil's Cut, Jim Beam Bonded, Jim Beam Rye, Jim Beam Distiller's Masterpiece, Jim Beam Vanilla, Jim Beam Apple, Jim Beam Honey and Jim Beam Kentucky Fire among other offerings. After settling in Kentucky, Beam began harvesting corn and set forth a family tradition by distilling the excess grains he harvested into whiskey. Since then, seven generations of the Beam family have been involved in whiskey production for the eponymous company.

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