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Dalmore 12 Year Old 700ml

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The Dalmore is a quintessential Highland Scotch whisky, with a long and storied pedigree ranking it among Scotland’s most renowned single malts. The Crest is a 12-point royal stag deemed worthy of a King’s hunt.

Legend has it that the chief of the Mackenzie clan saved the Scottish King, Alexander III from a charging red stag. The grateful king bestowed the clan the right to use the royal stag at their crest. This emblem has been on every bottle since 1867.

Aged for nine years in bourbon barrels, then an additional three years in sherry butts. This uniquely crafted whisky is home to a plethora of sensations and delights fit for a king and, of course, his queen. 

Alc. / vol: 40%

Proof: 80°

Tasting Notes

  • NOSE:

 Cinnamon ice cream, roasted almonds and fresh caramel fudge melting on the stovetop

  • PALATE: 

Chocolate, and lots of it, mingles with sherry and spiced oak. Very sweet and rich, with a full and thick mouthfeel.


 Soft, sweet, lingering toffee notes that stick around long after the dram is downed.

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