Johnnie Walker

Beyond the Bottle: Johnnie Walker Blue Label - Hangover Hotline PH
Johnnie Walker Blue label is the poster child from the famous lineage of the Walker whisky family tree. With its humble beginnings in 1819, the famous whisky brand, Johnnie Walker was born. As the years went by, they evolved their blends to perfection which gave birth to new whisky sensations such as the signature Black Label and the notable Johnnie Walker Red Label. The Red label even soared to be the world’s best-selling whisky since 1945 (and arguably still is today). Moving forward, a new whiskey love child was born contending with its sibling for that world title.
Introducing Johnnie Walker Blue Label, a new generation of whisky with a unique personality.  Debuted in 1992, it became the most aspirational whisky to hit the American market. An impact of such magnitude will most certainly send out waves. The Blue Label did just that, and those waves rippled out to the rest of the world winning major awards, including six Le Monde Selection Grand Golds and three Double Golds at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
Johnnie Walker Blue label commemorates its rich history inspired by the Old Highland Whisky blend, born in 1867, a remarkable ancestor from the Johnnie Walker whisky family tree. Bold enough to be Scotch but mellow enough that it doesn’t offend. Johnnie Walker Blue Label has incomparable qualities of velvety smoothness, powerful waves of flavors, complimented further by its rich Smokey taste we all love. Partake and join the Johnnie Walker family and their exquisite history. It’s not just whiskey, it’s an experience.