Beyond the Bottle: Chivas Regal

Beyond the Bottle: Chivas Regal - Hangover Hotline PH

The First and Oldest Luxury Whisky in the world

Chivas Regal, a blended Scotch whisky famous for its unparalleled taste deeply rooted in history.  It all starts back in 1801, where the Chivas Brothers established a grocery store in Aberdeen, striving to supply goods and malt whisky of the highest quality to the local people at that time. One fateful day, Queen Victoria paid a visit to Scotland where the Chivas Brothers had the honor to provide provisions for the royal family. It was then their reputation grew followed by their expanding business. 

A Drink Fit for Royalty 

For their outstanding work of service, in 1843, they were granted Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria to supply provisions to the Royal Households. Since then, the Brothers responded to the high demand of the customers for smoother whiskey. In their home’s distillery, they started to select and blend the finest malt and grain whiskey of smoothness and richness, coupled with harmonious flavors. This is what is recognized as the new method of producing fine whiskey. In 1909, the brand name Chivas Regal was born to honor their years of service to the Royals and today, they serve the world.

Chivas Regal Defines the Whisky Experience

If you haven’t tried Chivas Regal yet, then you haven’t fully lived the whisky experience. Available on every continent in the world, you can enjoy the unique taste of this Scotch whiskey in a classy café, fancy restaurant or order it from the shop, and enjoy it right in your home with loved ones on a special occasion. The taste is incredibly unexpected for a widely available whiskey. Don’t underestimate this whisky just wait until you taste it yourself. Live with chivalry, choose Chivas Regal.